Martin r. Chell

Alpha Die Cutting owner Martin R. Chell has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing industries. Our customer centric attitude will find the optimum manufacturing solution to meet your applications specific need. Martin has worked with suppliers and customers in the aerospace, medical device, biotech, consumer and electronics industries. He has worked for the OEM’s and independents in new manufacturing and after-market business segments.

Alpha Die Cutting provides quick delivery of between 6-11 business days with very competitive prices and guaranteed quality. You provide the “What” and “When” with drawings and specs and we provide the “How”. We pay attention to the details to get it right the first time. No wasted resources and no customer dissatisfaction. That’s our promise.


Alpha Die Cutting has 2 specialist capabilities

  • Manufacture of custom gaskets using all types of Plastic, Rubber and Foam. We can manufacture large industrial quantities to just a few samples.

  • Die cut manufacturing to produce a wide range of products using Foam, Sponge, Cork, Leather, Fabric, and Metallic Foil materials.


Thanks to our location in San Diego we've had the opportunity to provide custom manufacturing services to a wide range of industries. We've worked on medical and biotech products, electronics assemblies, aerospace sub-assemblies, U.S. government projects, semiconductor devices, telecommunications assemblies and many other industrial and consumer mechanical assemblies.


In addition to San Diego's largest telecommunications Qualcomm, we've also manufactured parts for General Atomics, Woodside Electronics, SPAWAR, Element1, IPS GROUP, D&K Engineering, BIT Medical and many others.

Payment Methods

We accept by check, credit card or PayPal via info@alphadiecut.com

Martin, the parts are great! Thanks for a great job. We will be requesting others as we finalize the design. Thanks again.
— David, MEPS
I’ll be sure to mention your company to others when the need arises.
— Hugo Jazo SPAWAR
I am impressed and will put you at the top.
— Joe Lemoine, Procurement Engineer, D&K Engineering