Custom San Diego Die Cut Manufacturing

Alpha Die Cutting provides die cutting services for many products and industries. We use a steel rule die cutting process to cut a variety of materials including Plastic, Foam, Sponge, Tape, Metallic Foil, Fabric, Felt, Leather, Cork, Paper/Card and Rubber materials. We will use your technical drawing to produce a custom die that meets your specific specifications and dimensions. If you do not have a drawing we can help you produce one.

We will collaborate with you to understand your cutting need and help solve any issues you have. Our promise is to deliver the best price and performance combination by providing the best attention you can find.


We die cut a wide range of materials of various Thickness and Hardness


We provide a turnkey service including:

  • In-house die manufacture

  • Lamination of materials using tapes (PSA)

  • Assembly

  • Tag, box and ship


We can cut most shapes and designs. Typical tolerances for dimensionally stable materials:

  • <5” +/- 0.005

  • 5”-12” +/- 0.010

  • <12” +/- 0.015

San Diego Die Cutting | Custom Die Cut Manufacturing

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Budget requirements – We will not exceed our commitment

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— Shirley, BIT MedTech