Poron Foam Gaskets

Poron® is a fine pitch open cell urethane foam produced by the Rogers Corporation.

Resilient Polyurethane Foam - Poron can stand up to wear caused by rubbing and scraping and so it is used in packaging applications to absorb shock and damp vibration.

Poron has open-cell construction, which allows water, air, and gases to be absorbed. This consistent microcellular structure with fine and consistent open cells make Poron microcellular urethane an ideal dust gasket material making it suitable for many cleanroom applications. 

The Poron sheets and strips have an ultra-smooth texture for a sleek surface that's easy to wipe down.

Poron urethane foam has excellent memory (compression set resistance) giving it a superior resistance to taking a compression set as compared to neoprene sponge or polyethylene foam. Compression at less than 2% at 73°F and less than 10% at 158°F makes Poron an ideal gasketing material for many indoor enclosure applications where dust, light and incidental splash sealing are required. The average cell size of Poron foam is approximately 100 microns. The uniform, microcellular structure allows Poron to be easily compressed for dust seals and cushions.


Poron is available in a few compression ratings (Pressure to compress 25%).

  • 0-4 psi = Ultra soft

  • 5-8 psi = Extra soft

  • 9-12 psi = soft

  • 13-19 psi = medium

  • 20 + psi = medium hard

Energy absorbing – Poron’s ability to absorb mechanical shock vibration combined with its low compression set make it an ideal material for shock isolation of battery compartments and sensitive electronics in hand-held devices. Even after extended compression, these high-performance polyurethane foam bounce back to shape faster than most other foams. 

Poron is available in black color only.

If you want to receive a quote for a custom gasket using Poron material, please call Martin (858) 279 3343 or send a RFQ to info@alphadiecut.com.

Poron is used in various industries including communications, automotive, electronics and other industrial equipment and devices.

Exceptional deliveries
At Alpha Die Cutting we have agreed a committed delivery for the Poron material from our suppliers of 3 business days delivery for most of the Poron material types and thicknesses. This enables us to manufacture a custom gasket within 6 business days max. Adhesive backings – Poron is available with plain backing or with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). Since Poron does not contain any plasticizers it does not reduce adhesive shelf-life. The integral skin surface provides a clean, readily bonded surface. The standard adhesive is Acrylic with temperature range -40 degrees to 190 degrees F.

Poron is available in a wide range of thicknesses. The standard thicknesses available are 1/32, 1/16, 3/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, ¼, 3/8 and ½ inches.

Most grades of PORON foam are manufactured with a smooth skin on both sides.

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